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Searching for an excellent way to enhance your SAT score and make it shine compared to your peers? Your search ends here with the GPS SAT Prep Intensive Livestream Class! Don't miss this chance to acquire the Test Prep Intensive at an incredible price.

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This 3-Week Window SAT Intensive is everything you ever asked for in a Test Prep Strategy but without the Anxiety

Diagnostic Assessment

Discover your path to SAT success through our in-depth Diagnostic Assessment. Our educators analyze your strengths and growth areas, crafting a Personalized Study Plan for transformative improvements, leading to a higher score.

Focused Content Review

Master the Core SAT concepts that matter most with our Focused Content Review. Our targeted sessions empower you to tackle the toughest subjects with confidence. From math equations to grammar rules, we'll guide you through key topics, ensuring you grasp every nuance that can elevate your score.

Proven Test-Taking Strategies

Crack the code to mastering the SAT with our Proven Test-Taking Strategies. Discover insider tips on time management, question prioritization, and effective techniques that maximize your performance. Elevate your approach to each question and optimize your score potential.

Feedback & Progress Tracking

Receive expert feedback and track your progress to success. Our Feedback & Progress Tracking system provides insights into your performance, highlighting improvements and refining your strategy. Adjust your approach based on real-time data to stay on the path to achievement.

Practice Tests

Immerse yourself in the real SAT experience with our full-length Practice Exams. Simulate test day conditions, fine-tune your timing, and uncover your strengths and areas for growth. Gain valuable insights into your readiness, all while building confidence for the Big Day.

Community Study Sessions

Experience comprehensive learning with our dynamic Study Hall Sessions. From complex reading passages to intricate math problems, our in-depth sessions ensure you're equipped with the knowledge and techniques to ace every section of the SAT.

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December 2023 SAT Exam is the Last Paper-Based exam before

the New Digital-Adaptive format in March 2024

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"100% recommend! I've never been great at standardized test taking so I was nervous going into the SAT. However, I worked with GPS on a plan, personalized to my needs, and they helped me raise my score by 250 points and even get into my first choice college.

Cameron O.

Who Is This 3-Week Intensive For:

  • Students Registered for the December 2023 SAT Exam

  • High School Seniors that need to have the SAT for 2024 Admission Applications

  • High School Juniors that want to take the Paper-based exam before the Change

Whether you're an ambitious student aiming for Score Enhancement, a Rising High School Senior committed to rapid learning, or a test-taker registered for the December 2023 SAT Exam, our intensive 3-Week SAT Prep is designed to fulfill your specific needs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question #1 - How do you create an Effective Study Plan?

Test-takers often want guidance on how to structure their study time efficiently and effectively. We cover topics like setting realistic goals, allocating time to different sections or subjects, creating a study schedule, and incorporating breaks and review sessions.

Question #2 - What are the best strategies for improving test-taking?

Many individuals seek advice on strategies to enhance their performance during the test. We cover techniques for managing time, approaching different question types, eliminating answer choices, dealing with test anxiety, and practicing with mock tests..

Question #3 - What resources and material should I use in preparation?

Test-takers frequently inquire about recommended resources, such as books, online courses, practice tests, and study materials. This question could also encompass inquiries about reputable sources for study materials, sample questions, and official test prep materials provided by the test organizers.

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